Friday, October 7, 2011

What Computer Should I Buy?

Since your business depends greatly on your computers, your choice of computer / brand / model becomes a key to your company profit.  Beyond choice of computer, the method of setup used to configure the machine for your network and user needs also has huge impact on the reliability of the computer.  One survey says "Improper Configuration leads to 1/3 of computer issues."

We have been using the Dell Business line of Computers / Servers for several years now, and we're very happy with the results. Few things I like best:

-          Business Class = Reliability
o   As you know, having a machine down is money lost. So we start out with the Business Class Machines, which have more reliable hardware to start with. 

-          3 Year Next Business Day Warranty
o   If something fails, Dell will overnight the replacement parts. In the many years we have been a Dell Gold Certified Partner, Dell has done a great job getting us parts as needed.

-          Standardization
o   Because we use the same class / model computers with all our clients, we have hundreds of the exact same computers we work with every day. So as technicians our ability to work with, diagnose and repair is increased exponentially = better IT Support for your business.

-          Docking Station Port
o   This is really nice because external USB docks are notorious for problems.

To have success you need the right start.
1.    Choose the right Computer
2.    Choose the right Tech to install

Why not just buy direct for yourself?
Answer is point #2. You see to have the right install performed; you have to have the right computer configuration. Many times I see people just use the online configurator or speak with a sales person and decide what they think they need. So many times the wrong configuration is chosen. By using Compnology to carefully plan and select the exact configuration for your Computers, Laptops and Servers you will have greater reliability for the next 3-6 years of your happy computer life!

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