Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remotely Access Quickbooks

How do I remotely share QuickBooks?

First off, QuickBooks has cloud versions that do just that. They are a bit more expensive since you are paying for the service, but it’s simple and ready to go.

However, most of the time you already have QuickBooks in use at your office. You may even have multi-users in use now. In any case, we have helped many clients setup a remote access for QuickBooks.

Here are some Tips, Info and Answers FAQ.
QuickBooks is designed as a client / server program. This means the locally installed program can look to another computer on the network for the data file. Thus multiple computers can look to the same QuickBooks company file and use it concurrently.  Really it’s the concurrent use that changes how a person / company plans to use QuickBooks.

In an environment where you have many people who need access to QuickBooks, but really only 1 concurrent session, then you only need 1 computer and 1 QBB license.  You can setup a free remote tool like Team Viewer, VNC or Remote Desktop to remotely access that QBB computer and use its programs. This is the most cost effective way to Remotly Access QuickBooks.

In the case where you’re already sharing QBB on a network, the same concept can apply. You can setup Team Viewer (or another remote connection tool) to the computer you normally use at the office. When away you simply remote connect to your office computer and you can use QBB concurrently with others. Again a simple solution.

The more advanced situation is when you have say 1 or 2 computers physically connected on a network and you need 3 or more concurrent remote QBB sessions. Say you have 2 computers at the office, but have 3 remote users who need to concurrently use QBB.  SOLUTION: This calls for Terminal Services (or similar software). This is a Microsoft Software Service that can run on a server and allows for multiple sessions to run on a single computer/server. It’s kind of like taking 3,4,5 or more computers and smashing them all together into one. You can have many active users connected each with their own completely separate remote session. This technology has been available for many years, but it must reside on a Microsoft Server. That usually prevents the mass public from setting up on their own. With Server 2008 R2, there have been many additional advancements with this technology. We have setup this system for many clients, using QuickBooks and all sorts of other programs.  (QuickBooks, MAS90, MAS200, Sage Business Works, Syspro, IMS / MediTab, TAM, Word, Excel, Access, Visio and many more)

Quickbooks on iPad
We have clients right now, and we use this internally, that can access Quickbooks from iPhone, iPad and Android. You can do this by using one of the above mentioned techniques.

As you can see, most often you can setup remote access to QuickBooks for free, and rather simply. And if you need to go beyond the basics, we have the solution. Hope this was helpful in your need to Remotely Access QuickBooks. Let us know if we can assist further.

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