Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Customer Needs - Our Motive Revealed

"The customer's needs are always right"

Do we really believe this?
Do we really live and think in a manner that supports this?

Our actions, tone and words demonstrate if we really believe this or not; by our response to a customers need.

When a customer asks us to perform something we already know how to-do, the answer is easy. However, when a customer asks us to perform something in which we DO NOT already have the answer, our response will in effect reveal our motive.

When we respond:
"I don't know how to-do that"

We could be implying a non-willing motive.

On the contrary, when we say:
"I can help; I will figure out..."

We are demonstrating our motive to support the need at hand.

If in a frustrated tone we say/think: "I don't know what to-do!"
Patience goes to frustration, challenges become Roadblocks, our focus gets skewed and completing our objective is far off.

We can either reject the responsibility of the objective assigned to us. Or we can adapt our thinking to that of a naturally helpful person.

When asked to perform a task, do you:
Find any and every excuse why we can't do it.

Or do you:
Think of any and every possible way to do it.

Which line of thinking reveals a positive motive?
Which line of thinking reveals that we truly believe the need at hand, the customer's need is right and we want to be a part of the solution?

Real Life Example.
Recently we had a project request from a client, one that was a bit out of the norm. When I asked one of my techs to assist, I heard:
Um, ah, well that’s not gonna work. We’re going to have all kinds of problems. Why do they need that? This is going to be a huge project. It's going to take a long time for this. I can’t do that without this or that.

How do you think this makes the Manger feel about this person's eagerness to fulfill their assignment? I already knew there were many unknowns and we would have to figure out things we never had. But that was not a roadblock for me. I saw that as a challenge and was excited to take it on. Well that employee no longer works for us. Their replacement was then assigned this same task, I heard:
Oh wow that’s interesting. Ok, well there are many things to consider. What will we do about this and that? Do we want to have it this way or that way? I can do something like this. Do you think that will be what they want? There is also this option, although I've never done it, I'm sure we can figure it out.

Now, how do you think the Manager felt about this response? Needless to say that person still has their job. And it’s a joy to work with him.

You can see, simply by our response to tasks assigned, our true Motive or view for the Customers Need is reveled.

Happy Clicking!

Nathan DeSutter
IT Consultant

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