Thursday, November 5, 2015

In-House IT or Outsource IT Department?

Amazing how so many people are looking for a job yet finding the right person can be daunting.  Let alone a qualified IT person that you can trust with the life blood of your company, your information systems. 

7 questions to ask yourself when interviewing an IT candidate:

1.  Can they solve the problem beyond the fix?  How?

     2.  Will they simplify my IT or complicate it?   How?

     3.  Can they solve the IT Security risks companies of all sizes are faced with today?   How?

     4.  Do I expect the same person who crawls under my desk and who provides the day to day user support to also have the experience, capability and time to successfully guide my business through these tumultuous (yet terrific!!) times in IT? 

5.  Will they make my company IT Dependent or will they allow us to use Technology as a Strategic Advantage?

6.  Will they allow me to rest at ease that your IT Systems are under control, reliable and protected? 

7.  Once I find the right person, how will I retain them?  And what growth opportunities do I offer?

Don’t want a one night stand when it comes to your IT Dept.    Good People want to be held accountable, they want to be a part of something bigger especially in their field of expertise and people want to be part of a team of like-minded individuals than they can thrive from.

3 Key Areas Compnology Differs From In-House IT Position:

1.       Experienced and Talented IT Staff with the know-how to reliably support today's needs and allow your company to transform into your vision for tomorrow.   We are an IT company with 15 years’ experience in hiring, training and leading IT Staff / IT Talent. 

2.       Accountability.   Lead People, manage actions….don’t manage people.  We understand the real components of IT and separate hype from fact.  No pull overs or glossy eyed looks when IT explains what can or cannot be done.  We hold our team accountable for actions so you can hold us accountable for the results.   

3.       Team Environment.  People want to be part of a team.  1 or 2 in house IT staff will always struggle to be a solo hero or even worse if they compete.  Forming a mindset that builds walls not bridges.  The opposite of what you need from anyone, especially those in your IT Department.

“We offer a ‘win-win’ environment where techs can thrive and be constantly challenged and rewarded in meeting our client’s needs.  We believe you’re only as good as those you surround yourself with.”                   
    - Nathan DeSutter