Friday, March 18, 2016

Dell PowerEdge T630 Unboxing and Review

Just a server right? 

Is a steak just a 'steak'?  I say not!

Now to my little 3 year old girl, when she says 'more steak daddy', does she know if I just grilled up a $30 rib eye or a $5 round.  It's all yummy to her.  But dish out the round when expecting the rib eye and be prepared for some major disappointment.  

So just a server right?  Well just like with a great steak or any other item that comes varying factors of consideration, a server is very much not just a 'server'.

This brief video highlights some of the items to care about and how it impacts your business.  Many IT disappointments can trace back from simply not choosing the right server or even more important not setting up right (but that's another video)

In this video we cover these 11 Key Server Design Considerations:

1.  Visual Check Importance  (0:45)

2.  Tower vs. Rack  (1:35)

3.  Power Supply Selection (2:30)

4.  Hard Drive Choice  (2:55)

5.  RAID Config Plans  (3:30)

6.  Explaining RAID10 Drive Protection and Failure  (3:48)

7.  SD Flash Card for OS Image?  (4:45)

8.  CPU options abound  (5:10)

9.  Multi-CPU vs Multi-CORE  (5:30)

10.  Memory Layout  (6:30)

11.  Dual SD cards for ESXi OS?  (7:30)

Please share any questions or comments. 

Happy Clicking!

Nathan DeSutter
IT Consultant