Monday, December 12, 2011

We Know First

Being the first to know means we can prevent more problems.

8:00am Monday morning, computers not working. People go around checking with others, trying different things. ....... By the time you find out its companywide, get a call into IT Support, have someone working the issue, an hour or more could have gone by.  I've actually received calls in the afternoon from companies that their system was down all day, just no one got a hold of the right person to get it fixed. Wow.

So I say your IT Support Provider should be the 'First to Know'.

By having proper server / network monitoring, we are able to detect many issues before they become an actual problem. Usually we are able to remediate the issue BEFORE it causes issues server / network wide.

But if there is an actual major failure, WE should be the first to know. Our monitoring system alerts us and we investigate. Typically we are able to diagnose the issue and already have a plan of remediation in place before anyone is even aware the issue is wide spread.  We are onsite with you at 8:00am to work the problem, hours ahead of an unmonitored environment.

This is one more way DataCare delivers Downtime Prevention and drives $$$ to your bottom line.

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Nathan DeSutter
IT Consultant

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