Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mistakes are Good?

I think about this every day. True we are imperfect and we all make mistakes. As such we can either see it as a fault or an opportunity to improve ourselves. I vote for the latter.  

As an IT provider this really goes to a whole new level. Making mistakes in IT can have drastic consequences to a companys' operations, profitability and livelihood. For example, it's estimated that 80% of businesses that suffer some sort of data disaster resulting in major data loss, will close their doors within 6 months.

Can you imagine, tonight a major server failure happens, some natural disaster, office fire or theft happens and you LOSE YOUR DATA!

Think about it, where would your business be if you lost all accounting records, all customer info, all order info, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, all emails, all documents, spreadsheets....shall I go on?

What will you do?Is YOUR data backed up?

Are you sure? Are you REALL sure? 
Who is watching the backup?   Who last verified restores are successful? When?Where is this data?

How long will it take you to recover? How long will it take to be back in operation?

Is there a disaster recovery plan in place?

If you have a doubt on any of these thoughts, you need to contact me. I take great pride with my company; in that the CEO, CFO and Managers of our clients have a softer pillow knowing how we take care of their data.

We meet with IT Administrators, CTOs and IT Managers all across the nation and some even around the world. We share our strengths and weaknesses, our success and our failures. We thus "learn from other's mistakes".

We take this back and methodically cross-analyze our clients. We spend countless hours and days running through the 'what if' scenarios for our clients. Then as we see areas for improvement for data protection and maximizing uptime, we plan, confirm, and act.

Try this, go to your IT guy and ask him to show you (NOT TELL YOU), but SHOW you how he/she accomplishes downtime prevention and disaster recovery planning.

Tell me you read this blog and I will give your business a Free Backup Evaluation. Yup free.

Yup, mistakes are good, when others make them and we improve your business because of them.

Happy Clicking!

Nathan DeSutter
IT Consultant

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  1. Great idea! Gotta know what ur data backup is accomplishing before a disaster!